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Affordable Allotments Now Available through AHP

Friday 17 July 2015
Orleana Waters at Evanston Gardens have launched four allotments as part of the Affordable Homes Program.
The Affordable Homes Program is a unique opportunity for eligible households on low to moderate incomes to purchase a home. The program offers land only or homes for sale exclusively to eligible households for limited period of time before they are offered for sale to other buyers.
The four allotments are for land sale only, with the buyers having the opportunity to choose their own builder for their dream home.
Orleana Waters’ Affordable Homes Program allotments start from $111,000
There are 5 easy steps to buying your land:
1)      Check your eligibility
2)      Get financial approval
3)      Search Affordable Homes Program or check with Devine’s Land Sales Consultant for available allotments
4)      Complete a declaration form
5)      Sign the sales contract
To be eligible, everyone who will be listed on the certificate of title must be able to answer 'yes' to the following questions:
-          I don't currently own a property.
-          I plan to live in my own home.
-          I am a South Australian resident.
-          My income is within the allowed limits - less than $75,000 (singles) or $95,000 (couples or families with up to three children), more for larger families.
-          My assets are valued under the allowed limits - $332,000 (singles) or $412,500 (couples), higher for people aged over 55.
If you are interested in one of these allotments, please contact 13 13 63.
To find out more on affordable housing, check out
The Affordable Homes Program is an initiative of the Government of South Australia.
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